Let’s face it, money is one of the most difficult and emotional topics for everyone. Money is at the center of everything and the conversation can be scary. Not only do I open my audience to interesting money topics. I also leave them with tangible action items and a whole new money mindset!

Hi, my name is Mykail James and I believe financial literacy should accessible to all. After receiving my MBA focused in accounting in 2018, I vowed to devote my expertise toward teaching financial literacy to young professionals and the youth.

I specialize in to educating and motivating my audience to redefine their money story. I am the fresh new perspective on “the money talk”, using pop-culture and my own experiences to make personal finance relatable. Making money moves simple and attainable is my superpower!


My Signature Topics


MILLENNIAL Money Mindset

Money management starts in the mind! Us Millennials and Gen Z professionals see and interact with money in a whole new way. In this talk, I bust money myths and expose the audience to new mantras that will help them attract money in abundance.

Money Habits Our Parents Didn't Teach

Sometimes, we grow up and realize that our parents don’t know everything. Further, there is so much new technology that parents really just don’t understand. In this talk, I provide the audience with new money habits that technology didn't allow for our parents.



Financing Your Best Life

“Living your best life” is something we are all striving for these days. The truth is, you can only live your best life when you can properly finance it! In this chat, we discuss budgeting and saving tips and tricks. Also, how to protect and grow your money and assets while still enjoying life.


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