3 Reasons the Cash Envelope Method Will NEVER Work for Me


I am not shaming the cash envelope method. This is simply a reflection of my own personal situation. Read the full story of my financial situation HERE!

The cash envelope method has helped lots of people get out debt and stick to a budget. Again, this is not to knock this practice. I happen to believe that cash is king. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. {Insert all the other cliche cash phrases here.} I just think that in 2019 and as a millennial, the cash envelope method is fossil-like and antiquated. 

Primo Gif

Primo Gif

The cash envelope method is fossil-like and antiquated.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I truly have never seen someone in their 20’s currently successful with this type of budgeting. I do use cash as part of my financial plan but only for small purchases. Cash will NEVER be my main choice of payment type. 

Here are three reasons why I will never utilize the cash envelope method:

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I do Not want to do it

It’s really that simple. I do not want to carry 20 different cash wallets on me at all times depending on what I want to buy. 

For a budget to truly work, you have to want to do it. Cash is a hassle and there is no security. If I lose it, it’s gone I can't open my app to find it or freeze it.

I don't want to walk out the bank with my fresh new paycheck in cash. I just 100% do not have the desire to maintain cash envelopes therefore, it will never work for me.

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It is 2019, and I love technology

Automation is my best friend. It really is the key to how my financial plan has worked as well as it has for me. 

Cash envelopes are technology free, and while some people are not tech savvy, I am! I love technology and I love trying out new apps that make it easier to track my money. 

Between us, I remember when Cash App didn’t take 1% of all transactions and Snapchat BEFORE public stories. 

Cash envelopes can’t notify me when my account is getting low. I like my alerts automatic and my receipts emailed. With technology, I will ALWAYS have proof of a transaction. Cash envelopes also mean paper receipts that I have to keep up with, ugh.

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It is not practical for my lifestyle

Surprisingly, a lot of establishments are moving towards a cashless model. Partly because of technology’s take over, partly for employee safety.  

Whatever the reason, from Costco Gas to the bars I frequent, it is all going cashless. 

Cash envelopes work best for personal finance needs, but I am also a business owner. Being a new business owner ultimately means a method created solely for personal finance needs is obsolete. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t try out the method. But if you’re a tech junkie or frequent cashless establishments like I do, you might want to think twice about this strategy. I also don’t keep a budget that limits my spending in the way a cash envelope budget will. More of a reason to keep my distance. 

I love the cute envelopes and all the jazz. But Auntie, that’s just not gonna fly over here. It simply just won’t work. 


I actually follow a bunch of debt freers who use the method. It seems to be working for them, so who am I to shame someone on their journey? 

My only ask is that you cashiers return my same love.
Debt free is debt free no matter how we get there. I just won’t get there with those damn envelopes.

If you want a copy of my financial flow method click

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