Stop Lying to Yourself: 4 Sayings That Block Monetary Blessings

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Getting in the right mindset to be financially free is honestly 70% of the battle. The mind is such a powerful tool and an integral part of our freedom. The mind is also a terrible thing to waste.

The money trauma we carry shows up in our spending habits, the words we use, and our overall outlook on money. The crazy thing is, we really don't realize the trauma we are carrying around until we have an actual conversation about money.

Here are four statements we use to block our monetary blessings:


This statement truly baffles me. It is one of the biggest money blocks we manifest. Sweetie, if you can't trust yourself how do you expect anyone else to? What does it even mean to no trust yourself with a credit card, especially if you have NEVER had one?

I find that people who have trouble trusting themselves to use credit cards in a healthy way are those who crave consumer goods to fill a void or they are people who have serious debt PTSD.

Sometimes, we can’t even recognize our own trauma money experiences.

Maybe you grew up in a household where you didn't have much, so now that you have access to a higher credit limit it's time to treat yo self, every day. Or maybe you're someone who grew up accustomed to a specific lifestyle and can't imagine life without all the brand names you grew up with. You could just be deathly afraid of debt.

Either way, the credit card isn't the problem, your money traumas are. It's time to change that narrative about credit cards.

If you have debt PTSD, I want to personally let you know you are NOT the silly swiper you used to be. You have a whole new mindset and you can handle it.

Try this instead: I am a trustworthy shopper and I use my credit card to my advantage.


Let's start by saying the system was created to be predatory and trap middle and poor working-class citizens in a never-ending cycle. Between payday loans and outrageous student loan restrictions, it will take more than pulling yourself up from your bootstraps to break the cycle.

To overlook how black and brown communities are targeted by companies to keep them in debt throughout their lives would be grossly negligent. But to break a cycle you must be a change agent.


You must be willing to do something new to get different results. Maybe that means moving back home with your parents for three years *cough cough*. Or maybe that means only shopping at Aldi's to slash your grocery bill in half.

It is always easier to get into debt than it is to get out of debt, but with the right financial plan, forever can quickly become 3-5 years in debt. The key thing to remember is that you have to start somewhere!

You must start somewhere to get anywhere.

Try this instead: I will create a financial plan that works to get me out of debt.


Ok, after about 25 years old this argument is as about as strong as a wet noodle. We live in a technology-based world. All the answers you need are literally a Google search away. There is so much information and research out there waiting for you. No sugarcoating: STOP WAITING TO BE SPOONFED INFORMATION.

People love to use the crutch of not being taught money management as the reason why they, in their adult life, have not begun the journey to acquire knowledge. When do you get to take accountability and seek out the information you need to survive?

Stop waiting to be spoonfed information

We all agree that financial literacy in schools is trash. But let's not forget, adults (aka teachers) are also having personal financial troubles and have a lack of understanding. So, to expect schoolteachers to provide students with adequate financial education is pretty outlandish, especially if they are unfamiliar with the topic themselves.

Fun Fact: most colleges and universities will offer a personal finance course. How many of you outside of the business school signed up for it? How many free financial literacy courses have you sought out in your community?

The financial literacy world is changing, there are tons of people teaching financial education in different ways. Do your research and find who resonates with you.

Try this instead: I will seek the information that I did not receive about my finances to make better future financial decisions.


First of all, no it's not. While a solid credit score is important for leverage. Credit is only needed when acquiring more debt.

You don't need a higher credit score to pay off the debt and manage the money you already have. People will even pay hundreds of dollars to a credit fixer before evaluating their own credit report (IT'S FREE!). This kind of goes hand in hand with taking accountability for your own research.

Credit is only needed when acquiring more debt.

People will chase an 850 credit score when there is no difference in rates between a 760 and an 850 score. To get a home loan the lowest score accepted is a 580 for some government programs.

Once you set a plan and start paying down debt your credit score will skyrocket. If it doesn't and you have exhausted all your free resources, THEN it may be time to call on a legit credit fixer.

Just remember an 850 credit score is not the cure-all and won't fix a negative mindset.

Try this instead: I will take the necessary steps to increase my credit score to give me more financial options.

It's time to start rewriting our money mindset. There is power in the words we use and if we continue to unlock the negative powers so it will be. Light can only defeat darkness when it shines. When you speak ill on your ability to create financial success you are suppressing your light.

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