True Life: Daddy Really from Alabama


In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to give some background information about the man behind the legend.

So, here are 7 fun facts about the main man I call Daddy-O:


Fact #1: I am named after him

In fact, Mykail was the nickname my grandmother gave to him. They were hoping for a Micheal Jr. but Mykail was so much more powerful!

Fact #2: He’s from Alabama

ALEXA, play Formation by Beyoncé. My daddy (and his whole family) is from Montgomery, Alabama. My grandma move to Washington, DC when he was 9, so he spent most of his life in DC. We used to drive 13 hours down to Alabama every summer to visit! We haven’t been in years though, I know he misses it.

Single Fathers DO Exist!.png

Fact #3: He was a single father for 9 years

This fact is probably why I get so excited to celebrate Father’s Day! In the ’80s, my dad had his first daughter and was a single dad until he married my mother. Even at a time when most black men were not presented to the world as caretakers, my dad did everything he could do to support his children.


Fact #4: He has 6 loving children

Aren’t blended families the best! We are basically the Black Brady Bunch, my dad had 2 daughters and my mom had 2 sons. They got together they had two more daughters. We all lived together in peaceful dysfunction, as any family of 8 would.

My parents worked hard to give each and every one of us the opportunity to grow and learn much differently then they had.

Bonus fact: he actually took paternity leave when both my sister and I were born IN THE ’90s.

Talk about an excited father, most men don’t even take paternity leave in 2019.

Single Fathers DO Exist! (1).png

Fact# 5: He is the Papa to 7 beautiful grandchildren

Nobody has ever been as excited to be a grandpa more than this dude! Whenever there is a new one on the way he is just overjoyed as he was when the first one was born. Currently, we are on grandchild #7 half of my parent's kids have children. (Psst, I'm on the other half)


Fact #6: He is the smartest man I know

Facts are facts America. I have NEVER met a man more socially conscious or philosophical as my daddy. We talk about everything from gay rights, women’s rights, civil rights, blues, jazz, and interesting books.

If you want to know where my love for learning and (sometimes) leveled-head comes from, then look no further than my dad!

I also get my terrible sense of humor from him, but if you let him tell it, I’m not funny. FAKE NEWS!

Single Fathers DO Exist! (2).png

Fact #7: He has worked 2 full-time jobs for over 20 years

My dad is the hardest working man I know. Did I mention he also went on every field trip with me! A true nurturer AND provider. He has done everything in his power to see his children succeed.

Making my dad proud is all I strive to do.

He has given my siblings and me everything we have ever needed (and most of what we wanted). I can’t think of a better way to celebrate him.

He is a simple man and truly is overjoyed seeing the accomplishments of the family he built with my mother.

I don’t know if you can tell by now but I am a serious Daddy’s Girl. I truly would have it no other way. My dad is my best friend, even though he says I’m mean. His hard work is the reason why I refuse to settle for less than I deserve. His influence is why I am a lifelong learner. His love is why I love and respect every person that crosses my path. Thank you for everything that you do and give to me Daddy-O.

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