Financial Meme Pages are Internet Pollution and Deserve to Be Trolled


This topic has been heavy on my heart since I created the Boujie Budgeter platform in January! Somebody has to say it, so naturally, somebody means me. I am going to say it! Those financial meme pages are bulls**t and deserve to be shut down.

You know what pages I’m talking about. They have no real face behind them just hundreds of memes polluting our favorite hashtags.


They praise Dave Ramsey, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett. Basically, they trash anybody who isn’t an entrepreneur and oversimplify actual financial concepts.

Now there isn’t anything wrong with simplifying concepts or breaking them down into easy to read infographics. But these memes usually reduce finances into black and white concepts, when any GOOD financial educator understands money strategy is the epitome of the grey area.

I haven’t seen an Oprah or JK Rowling quote YET!

Here are some reasons why I feel like those meme pages are trash, and why you should report them all as spam:


Most of the time they ARE SPAM!

It’s really not rocket science. Most of those pages are just plain spam ran by some random weirdo claiming to be providing financial information.

But most of the time they are reposting graphics from ACTUAL accounts and taking credit. They are not there for informational purposes, they are buying followers, posting trash and then selling your follows.


If their first post was 3 days ago and they have 23k followers they’re scamming. PERIODT!


They are borderline racist

I’m calling it what it is. How the hell do you compare Warren Buffett’s bank account to Quavo’s? WTF!?

Warren has been growing his billion-dollar fortune since BEFORE Quavo was born. Often times, they are comparing a rich white businessman to a black rapper.


9/10 the caption will say “the goal is to be rich not look rich.” As if having a net worth of $30M is poor. I mean come on!?

The racism is usually subtle and passive but still all there.


They are oversimplified

Like I always say, everyone has a DIFFERENT financial situation. Personal finance cannot use a one size fit all model. Furthermore, these memes also give out false information to strike up emotion in its followers.


They use grossly estimated rates when it comes to investing. While harboring the idea that college is optional for everybody (tell that your doctor or your licensed accountant).

Again, these are mostly follow for follow pages ran by unknown sources and are not giving real financial information.


They usually shame “Employees”

I HATE HATE HATE this idea perpetuated that entrepreneurship is the only way to become wealthy! Read my all about my total disgust HERE.

These pages love to compare the entrepreneur and the employee. Forgetting the most important thing about entrepreneurship, you CANNOT do it all on your own.


A business is only as strong as the team that runs it. It is just trash that these memes are targeting hardworking people minding their business. Making them feel inferior for using their expertise to get a job that provides the money they need to live!


They are D**e R*ms*y worshipers

This will be my LAST time mentioning that man and his teachings EVER AGAIN. Since I have started learning more about personal finance, that name has always been thrown into the mix. The idea of selling everything you own to pay off debt is extreme and unnecessary. Yes, I said it DAVE RAMSEY is wrong (and lowkey a cult leader).


He is so out of touch with how people actually live today. Can I blame him? It’s not my fault that I’m a 23-year-old, black, single woman and I can’t relate to a 60-year-old rich, white, married man. (or is it?)

Maybe it’s the fact that the only credit card charges he supports are ones that benefit him. Either way, the cult-like following he has is ALWAYS ready to jump down your throat when you say his ideas are radical, out of touch, and antiquated.

Cheers to baby step number whatever. I hope you have more life to live after you’ve contributed everything you own to debt and retirement.


They work on the idea of FOMO and shame

Y’all know this a no-shame zone. All violators will have a DR book launched at their heads.

I often will see these pages, like your fav financial guru, turning to scare tactics.

Money is already a scary topic and instead of providing useful information, these meme pages turn to scare tactics. Or shame you for enjoying luxury items.


Newsflash, there is space for luxury and practicality in your life. Cheaper does not mean equal or just as good. And so TF what if you want to buy a designer bag.

Having luxury items does NOT mean you don’t have money or are “broke”. If your bills are paid and your savings account is healthy it doesn’t matter.


Their comparisons are trash

I’ve already mentioned how racist they are. But their true bread and butter are comparisons: billionaires fund allocations vs regular people, investors vs employees, investing now vs later (usually with an erroneous investment rate), or (my fav to hate) successful people vs unsuccessful people.

This allocation rate s**t is stupid, there, I said it. They often talk about how billionaires only allocate 25% of their earnings to living. Sweetie 25% of $1B is $250M, meanwhile, the average income in the US was $59K in 2017. 5% of $59K is less than $15K, FOR THE YEAR!


Please show me how this correlates. 15K is below poverty and, depending on whatever city you live in, damn near impossible.

Honestly, I can go on forever about how trash these memes are. You will NEVER see me repost that pollution. You can find me trolling in the comment section though, LOL.


Occasionally, making actual sense in the sea full of the “Amens” and “that’s soo true”!

Also, if you are known to repost that filth, keep from me. You are not adding positivity to the community and you are irresponsible with your audience.

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