Mykail James

I am Mykail James aka The Boujie Budgeter! I am regular degular Boujie Girl from Washington, DC. I first fell in love with money and accounting in High School, shout out to my amazing teachers Mr. Anderson and Mr. Williams. I loved accounting and money so much, I got my MBA from the Illustrious Hampton University in May 2018.

Money should be simple! I know there is soo much information out there, and it gets confusing. No fear, the Boujie Budgeter is here! I am answering questions, giving my opinion (that nobody asked for), and providing all the info about your money in plain terms.

This is your guide to all things money! No big confusing words. No shaming you for buying a new designer bag. Just easy to understand information, tips and tricks to help you finance your best life!